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    Dr. Zenobia Bass

"Self-Care is the key to living a peaceful, joyful and purposeful life!"

Smile...come on, you can do it, SMILE and Embrace your Greatness

Selfcare checklist:

  • Sleep is a priority
  • Exercise
  • Take mental breaks
  • Enjoy outdoors
  • Eat healthy snacks

If YOU are experiencing:

alcoholism and alcohol abuse, illicit drug use

intimate partner violence, multiple sexual partners, and/or

sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention You should know about:

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study

Of Over 17,000 Kaiser Permanente members who voluntarily participated in a study to find out about how stressful or traumatic experiences during childhood affect adult health, 63% of the people who participated in the study had experienced at least 1 category of childhood trauma and Over 20% experienced 3 or more categories of trauma

ACEs seem to account for one-half to two-thirds of the serious problems with drug use. 

Childhood Stress and Trauma:

  • 28% experienced physical abuse.
  • 27% grew up with someone in the household using alcohol and/or drugs
  • 23% lost a parent due to separation or divorce.
  • 21% experienced sexual abuse.
  • 19% grew up with a mentally-ill person in the household.
  • 15% experienced emotional neglect.
  • 13% witnessed their mothers being treated violently.
  • 11% experienced emotional abuse.
  • 10% experienced physical neglect.
  • 5% grew up with a household member in jail or prison.

Help is available. YOU are not alone.

Call TODAY to schedule an appointment.

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