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    Dr. Zenobia Bass

"Self-Care is the key to living a peaceful, joyful and purposeful life!"

Smile...come on, you can do it, SMILE and Embrace your Greatness

Selfcare checklist:

  • Sleep is a priority
  • Exercise
  • Take mental breaks
  • Enjoy outdoors
  • Eat healthy snacks



2023 Selfcare Calendar Desktop


2023 Selfcare Calendar Desktop (8x4) 12 months (Jan-Dec)


Provides the following:

 • Selfcare practices to help you achieve abundance in your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial, professional, and social health

 • Photos that represent beauty, peace, hope, inspiration, calmness, goodness, uniqueness, boldness

 • Selfcare practices for each month of the year to practice, daily, weekly, and monthly

 • Affirmations, encouragements, and declarations

 • Quarterly review to celebrate wins and adjust as needed

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